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Longest Lasting Sprayers Made!

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We offer a complete line of stainless steel tank sprayers, extension wands, nozzles and flow through applicator brushes for your chemical application needs.

These sprayers are the answer to replacing, once and for all, the cheap plastic trigger and pump up sprayers that have frustrated you for years. With over 25 years of daily use in your own business, these dispensers have proven unbeatable.

Easy-to-use, low-maintenance and long life combine to stop waste and spillage, making these a true money maker!

About Us

With over 32 years experience in the automotive detailing industry, Tom Schurmann owner of P.D.S. knows what works when it comes to applying chemicals. Frustrated with spending too much money on so called chemical proof plastic trigger sprayers and pump up sprayers Tom decided to build his own sprayer back in 1988. Finding a 5-gallon stainless steel tank with a wide oval opening Tom went to work turning this tank into a remarkable sprayer. He added an air valve to pressurize the tank, which is capable of working at 90-125psi and attached a coiled hose and spray gun. A single charge of air pressure will apply your chemicals quickly and efficiently until the tank is empty with out having to stop and pump up over and over.

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The Many Uses

Our sprayers have many uses and trades!  They have been used in auto detailers and car washes, commercial cleaning and
janitorial services, pest control, landscapers and gardeners, commercial laundries, and more.

Over the years we have built many of our sprayers to fill the needs at almost every major Pharmaceutical company, dozens of Food Manufactures, Bakeries, Clean rooms, Outdoor cooking events and many other industries. We can provide food grade sprayers, plus sprayers that can be Autoclaved. With many choices of hoses, tubing, trigger valves, in plastic, brass or
stainless. Nozzles in thousands of sizes, patterns and volumes.
Extension wands, 50-100 mesh strainers, with or without built in check valves. Options include setting up regulators and air
couplers for constant air supply. We listen to your needs and build a solution to fit.

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