Who We Are
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With over 32 years experience in the automotive detailing industry, Tom Schurmann owner of P.D.S. knows what works when it comes to applying chemicals.

Frustrated with spending too much money on so called chemical proof plastic trigger sprayers and pump up sprayers Tom decided to build his own sprayer back in 1988. Finding a 5-gallon stainless steel tank with a wide oval opening Tom went to work turning this tank into a remarkable sprayer. He added an air valve to pressurize the tank, which is capable of working at 90-125psi and attached a coiled hose and spray gun. A single charge of air pressure will apply your chemicals quickly and efficiently until the tank is empty with out having to stop and pump up over and over.

This first unit has been in daily operation since with over 100 employees using and abusing it without a failure. Since that day he has made several improvements. Soft non kink see-through hoses made of polyurethane, a polypropylene spray gun that uses a viton diaphragm rather than the usual rubber sealed needle and seat. For chemical resistance, the hose connection was changed from a quick connector that had soft rubber seals to a custom-made stainless steel flare nut connection that needed no seals. A 50 mesh stainless strainer was added behind the spray guns adjustable pattern nozzle to ease servicing if anything clogged the nozzle.

Listening closely to customer feedback and requests for a tire dressing applicator Tom has now added the Dress-Pro™ to the product line. After a few adjustments to handle solvent based dressings and reduce the line pressure from the tank P.D.S now offers the perfect combination to dress tires professionally, efficiently with little to no waste. Carwashes around the country have enjoyed the benefits of the Dress-Pro™ and added multiple units to their sites, reducing labor, time and waste. They no longer fight overspray or worry about slippery driveways. Combined with our 3-gallon size stainless steel tank sprayer they can easily keep up with even the heaviest flows on busy days.

Any feedback from customers is welcomed so constant improvements can be made. Check out our products and give them a try. You will not be disappointed.

Overseas or foreign countries. We do not provide direct Shipping to any countries outside the United States or Canada. Shipping will be arranged to the freight forwarder of your choice. We will quote rates to anywhere in the US or Canada only. Please be specific on the details as to what documents, declarations and how many copies are necessary in order for the shipment to be handled correctly.