Custom Sprayers

Over the years we have built many of our sprayers to fill the needs at almost every major Pharmaceutical company, dozens of Food Manufactures, Bakeries, Clean rooms, Outdoor cooking events and many other industries. We can provide food grade sprayers, plus sprayers that can be Autoclaved. With many choices of hoses, tubing, trigger valves, in plastic, brass or stainless. Nozzles in thousands of sizes, patterns and volumes. Extension wands, 50-100 mesh strainers, with or without built in check valves. Options include setting up regulators and air couplers for constant air supply. We listen to your needs and build a solution to fit.

While we cannot make stainless steel impervious to corrosives, such as metal etching acids, or high oxidizers like bleach, we’ll help you build the best sprayer possible. Some of our sprayers have been in the field for up to and over 20 years. Sprayers have been built with double dip tubes and double hoses and sprayers attached. One option allows a CO2 system to charge/pressurize your system for sustained portability in areas where a compressor is not available. Our sprayers have the ability to be re-pressurized using a 12 volt portable tire inflator. You never have to bend over and pump till your blue in the face with our sprayers, just charge and spray at will, till the tank is empty.

Contact us today for your custom sprayer.