OverSeas Shipping

Please Note, we will no longer sell or ship products outside the USA or Canada. Due to fears regarding many kinds of threats, we have found that shippers have refused to handle our tank sprayer as they worry about any type of products that can hold pressure. We have had multiple overseas shipments returned more than once when they refused to load them on planes. This has made using the US Postal system completely un-usable for shipping. We used them almost exclusively due to their great rates compared to UPS or FedEx. Anyone wanting products shipped outside the US or Canada will need to arrange their own shipping. We will be happy to ship to forwarders or freight brokers anywhere in the United States. We regret having to make this decision, but we can no longer take the time to try and find reasonable shipping methods for other countries.

Overseas or foreign countries. We do not provide direct Shipping to any countries outside the United States or Canada. Shipping will be arranged to the freight forwarder of your choice. We will quote rates to anywhere in the US or Canada only. Please be specific on the details as to what documents, declarations and how many copies are necessary in order for the shipment to be handled correctly.