40 degree wide, Flat Fan pattern Nozzle-4001


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Brass nozzle sprays a 40 degree wide, flat fan pattern. First two numbers show the width of the spray pattern with the last 2 numbers referencing the volume of liquid per minute that will be used at a certain pressures. Example: 4001 equals 40 degree wide spray with a volume of 1/10th of a gallon per minute at 40psi, number ending in 02 would put out 2/10ths of a gallon per minute at the same pressure. Base pressure rating is at 40psi and we show you the volume at 100psi in order to see how the higher pressure our sprayers use affects the output.

Please note: as the sprayers volume of liquid goes down, the pressure is also reduced. Since our sprayers start at 100 to 125psi they will have approximately 40 to 60psi when empty. This is equal to the maximum pressure most hand pump sprayers will hold. What this means for you, is a steady spray from full to empty.
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