Hose/Trigger flush Assembly special order



  For anyone that sprays a product that can harden if left in the hose or spray gun, this little item can help a lot. The design is such, that rather emptying the entire tank and flushing out the unit, you just turn the shutoff valve from the tank to the hose, hook up a compressor to the quick connect air chuck and blow compressed air through the hose and gun to keep it clean. You only remove the product in the line and spray gun as most products do not harden inside the tank.

This item was designed for “BORDER MAGIC”, but is handy for many applications. the pictures show that we have 2 ways to assemble this to work best for your particular needs.

There is a one way valve on the air coupler side to prevent any blow-back when you remove the air line. The 1/4 male flare connector on the opposite end allows our standard hose connection to fit.

Please note we will be out of town starting June 26th, returning July 3rd to attend a trade show. Orders will not be processed during this period. We will try to get any orders submitted built and shipped as quickly as possible upon our return. We appreciate your patience.