5 Gallon Sprayer with Straight Hose and Quick Coupler


5 Gallon Stainless Steel Sprayer



This is our latest version of our classic sprayer. Per requests, we now offer the Rubber Top/Double Handle 5 Gallon Tank with a soft flexible straight hose that is connected using a Quick Coupler. The hose is 15′ long and can be secured using the velcro strap attached to the handle. You can request a finer 100 mesh strainer which works exceptionally well for window tinters. The standard strainer is a 50 mesh which works well for most other uses. When using these tanks remember to fill with no more than 4 gallons of liquid in order to leave enough head space for a full air charge. The sprayer is designed to handle up to 125psi. just unscrew the small chrome cap in the middle of the lid and use a standard tire inflation valve to pressurize the sprayer. One charge of air with 90-125psi is enough to spray the entire contents on a single charge. This eliminates, bending over and hand pumping other sprayer a dozen times or more per day. By eliminating the internal pumps, you have a sprayer that can last a lifetime with simple care.


  • 22″ stainless steel extension wand.
  • Brass Trigger Valve w/ brass adjustable pattern nozzle (heavy duty)
  • Coiled hoses with swivel fittings in 15, 25 & 40′ lengths.


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