5-Gallon Tank Sprayer


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5 gallon 304 stainless steel sprayer with 25′ polyurethane non-kink coiled hose with brass swivel at trigger valve to eliminate tangles. Stock nozzle is an adjustable pattern that can spray a stream and be widened to a cone shaped mist.We have have many types of nozzles available to meet your needs. All seals are Viton® for superior chemical resistance.

A single charge of compressed air up to 125psi will empty the contents. this eliminates the need to hand pump to recharge several times while using,saving you time, money and your back. can be charged using any compressed air supply with a standard tire type inflation attachment.For mobile use just keep a 12volt tire inflator in your vehicle to recharge after refilling.

WARNING: tanks are not compatible with corrosive acids such as aluminum brightners or high oxidizers such as bleach. Use of such products can cause the tanks to corrode and cause injury or death. No warranty or liability will be accepted for such misuse. If you are unsure about a chemicals compatability, check with the manufacture and note that the tanks are made of 304 stainless steel.

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