3 Gal Sprayer-Carpet version


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3 Gal Sprayer includes 22″ extension wand, 40 degree flat fan nozzle and check valve strainer.
Designed for Carpet & Industrial Cleaning Specialists.

Lightweight, portable 3 gallon sprayer makes work easy. Just fill,pressurize & go to work. 15 ft coiled hose, Viton sealed trigger,strainer & adjustable pattern nozzle. 2.5 gallons leaves room forfull air charge. To charge our sprayers you can use any type of aircompressor, or for uses outside you can use a portable 12 volt tireinflator that plugs into a cigarette lighter or accessory socket inyour vehicle.

A singlecharge of air over 100psi will completely empty the sprayer. Imagine,never having to bend over and pumping by hand again. Save time and yourback with the most durable sprayers made. Sprayers designed to handleup to 125psi working pressure. Built in pressure relief valve makessure sprayers cannot be over pressurized.

   Tanks are not compatible with corrosive acids such as aluminum brightners or high oxidizers such as bleach. Use of such products can cause the tanks to corrode and cause injury or death. No warranty or liability will be accepted for such misuse. If you are unsure about a chemicals compatability, check with the manufacture and note that the tanks are made of 304 stainless steel.

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